Western Tiger Salamander (Ambystoma mavortium)

Identification (terrestrial adult)TigerSalamander_Abernethy-400px.jpg

  • Only salamander in Wyoming
  • Size: ~5.5 to 8 inches
  • Dorsal color: black and dark green
  • Variable mottling of yellow or olive blotches, stripes or spots
  • Smooth skin, long tail


Paedomorph (aquatic adult)

  • Alternate adult stage resembles very large larvae (gills present)
  • Size: ~8 to 12 inches
  • Dark green or olive
  • Often with small black spots or blotches


Eggs & Larvae

  • Eggs attached to submerged vegetation singly or in long clusters of 2-120 eggs
  • Larvae are olive green with small black blotches, wide heads and long, feathery gills

 TigerSalamander_eggs_Snoberger-400px.jpg     TigerSalamander_Larva_Greene-400px.jpg

Egg photo by Charlotte Snoberger                                                              Larvae photo by Greene


Breeding Habitat

Permanent or temporary, natural or man-made ponds, pools, stock tanks, or back water or slow moving areas in creeks.


Photo by Wyoming Natural Diversity Database


Native Range


Map by Wyoming Natural Diversity Database