Northern Leopard Frog (Lithobates pipiens)

Other names: Rana pipiens


  • Size: 1 inch (metamorph) to ~4.5 inches (adult)
  • Dorsal color: bright green, olive or brown
  • Large, dark oval spots with pale edging
  • Skin is relatively smooth
  • Ventral color: creamy white with no red present (on healthy frogs)
  • Prominent pale dorsolateral folds from the eye down the length of the body
  • Obvious typanum (ear)
  • Mp3 of call (courtesy of Gary Nafis,; contact Gary for permission to post on other websites)

NorthernLeopardFrog_Greene-400px.jpg   NorthernLeopardFrog2_Greene-400px.jpg 

Top right photo by Bateson; Photos above by Greene


Eggs & Tadpoles

  • Eggs in round closeter ~3 to 5 inches in diameter (see right)
  • Eggs either on the bottom of or attached to vegetation
  • Tadpole eyes are medial and anal vent is on the side


NorthernLeopardFrog_eggs_WYNDD-400px.jpg     NorthernLeopardFrog_tadpole_Snoberger-400px.jpg

Egg photo by Wyoming Natural Diversity Database                                                       Tadpole photo by Charlotte Snoberger


Breeding Habitat

Shallow water in marshes and semi-permanent or permanent ponds (beaver ponds, stock ponds, etc.) or slow moving backwater areas along rivers or streams.



Native Range


Map by Wyoming Natural Diversity Database