Great Basin Spadefoot (Spea intermontana )


  • Size: ~1/2 inch (metamorph) to ~2 inches (adult)
  • Dorsal color: light gray, brown or olive
  • Small dark spots
  • Small warts (often orange) present
  • Relatively smooth skin
  • Vertical pupils
  • Glandular lump (boss) between the eyes
  • Mp3 of call (courtesy of Gary Nafis,; contact Gary for permission to post on other websites)

Photo by Zack Walker

GBSpadefoot-1_Heidel.jpg  GBSpadefoot-2_Heidel.jpg  GBSpadefoot-3_Heidel.jpg  GBSpadefoot-4_Heidel.jpg

Photos depicting a GB Spadefoot digging itself into the sand by Bonnie Heidel


 Eggs & Tadpoles

  • Eggs in small masses attached to submerged vegetation
  • Tadpole eyes are medial, anal vent on midline
  • Tadpoles often pale brown to greenish in color


Breeding Habitat

After heavy rains in temporary puddles, ditches, pools and ponds in prairies, sagebrush steppe, sandhills, and desert scrub.


Photo by Bonnie Heidel


Native Range


Map by Wyoming Natural Diversity Database